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HaptoMotion guides you both physically and psychologically towards ‘getting a grip’ on whatever ails you, as well as helping you gain strength and the power to direct your way of life. We feel that the following are all important steps to be worked on during our guidance: self-awareness, self-reliance and insight into possibilities.

We will always discuss together, you as a client and us, which sort of treatment would suit you best.


Feeling good starts with feeling good. In haptotherapy you learn to find a good balance between feeling, thinking and doing.


The remedial therapist is an expert in posture and movement. For all your requests for help, a specific treatment plan is made aimed at your body.

HaptoMotion praktijk voor oefentherapie

Haptonomic pregnancy care & Mama Move

Connect with your baby. We reduce stress through exercise, which is good for the development of the baby. It has a positive effect on the bonding process and during labour.

HaptoMotion praktijk voor oefentherapie

Breathing Coach

In addition to offering haptotherapy, I followed a training to become a Breathing coach. Breath coaching sessions are now available.

Systemic work & PSYCH-K®

Systemic work teaches you to hand back whichever does not belong to you, in order to reach your inner strength and wisdom. PSYCH-K® helps you to release your negative beliefs and to look to the future in a positive manner.

Relationship counseling

The ability to reestablish genuine and loving contact by getting closer to the feelings and needs of the partners/family/colleagues.


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about us

Esther Hoonhout

Esther Hoonhout

Owner of HaptoMotion

As a teenager, I was a top international athlete. I experienced what it was like to constantly bring out the best in yourself and learned to deal with the accompanying pressure. As a result, I was quite young when getting acquainted with professional physical and mental coaching.

I started as a Mensendieck therapist in 2000, as I was interested in coaching people in their personal development. I realised that physical symptoms are often the result of both physical and mental causes. Always having been fascinated by what motivates people (literally and figuratively), haptotherapy was a natural next step in my career.

I like to ‘get moving’, in the widest sense of the word: personal development, taking control of your own life and learning to deal with any setbacks by getting in touch with your own flexibility and resilience.


What others say about us

“Esther’s massage helped me to relax and to feel closer to my child.”


“Since my partner and I have taken a course in haptonomic pregnancy counseling, we have not had any arguments. I also feel I have a more stable relationship with myself and my partner.”


“Haptotherapy has taught me to be more in touch with my body. As a result, I quicker feel when I cross a border and I know what to do if, for example, when I feel tension rising. ”

Stefan Vogelaar

“The sessions with Esther helped us getting in touch with each other again.”


HaptoMotion Amsterdam
Niasstraat 5G
1095 TS Amsterdam

Monday: 8 am – 7 pm
Tuesday: 8 am – 7 pm
Wednesday: 8 am – 1 pm
Thursday: 8 am – 7 pm

HaptoMotion Muiden
Burgemeester de Raadtsingel 3
1398 BE Muiden

Wednesday 2 pm – 6 pm
Friday: 8 am – 6 pm

KvK: 34341363

Member of the Association of Haptotherapists.
VVH: 508A
Praktijk AGBCode: 07044350
Personal AGB: 07998882

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HaptoMotion praktijk voor oefentherapie

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