The remedial therapist is an expert in posture and movement. For all your requests for help, a specific treatment plan is made aimed at your body.


Being conscious of your posture and how you move is not as obvious as you’d think. Many bodily complaints originate from an incorrect stance or moving in a manner that is actually detrimental to your health. Learning to be more in touch with your feelings and understanding how your body moves will help you heal yourself. I will teach you, with Mensendieck therapy, how you can affect improvements and essentially remove any complaint you may have. You will receive practical tips, advice and exercises that can be applied to your daily life – at work, at play and everything in between.

Who will benefit from Mensendieck remedial therapy?

HaptoMotion can help with the following:

  • RSI / CANS
  • Neck, shoulder and back pain
  • Slipped disc
  • Pelvis problems
  • Pelvis problems
  • Stress related disorders
  • Respiratory complaints

You can als contact HaptoMotion for ergonomical advice, analysis of the workplace and for haptotherapy in Amsterdam and Muiden. The overall goal is for you to move freely and feel comfortable within your own skin.

Treatment consists of, among other things:

The treatment process consists of, amongst other things, exercises focused on relaxation, stabilisation, mobilisation and the strengthening of muscles. These can also be carried out at home, whereby you can practise what you have learned with immediate effect. Breathing exercises, advise on your posture and how you move, and ergonomic advice are also part of the treatment process. The coaching sessions will help you gain insight in how your body functions at its best and which type of movement and exercise is most suitable for you. You will get personal ergonomic advise, appropriate advise on exercises and working out, and advice regarding your posture when sitting at your desk, using a mouse and typing. As a result, you will be able to carry out your daily activities without any symptoms and you will feel comfortable within your own skin. For more information, please check theremedial therapy site.


A treatment lasts 30 minutes and is charged at €39,-

What others say about us

“Thanks to the Mensendieck from HaptoMotion I can perform my seated profession again without pain from my neck hernia”


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