In addition to offering haptotherapy, I started training as a breathing coach. Breath coaching sessions are now available.

Breathing coach

Breath coaching is getting more and more attention lately – and not without reason! Due to the amount of stress related illnesses, for example  a burnout, there is an increase in the demand for finding different ways to relax, to get out of your head and to reconnect with your body. Our society is slowly pushing focussing on our feelings to the background. As a result, we don’t know what our body is trying to tell us and are unable to make the right choices. The intake of extra oxygen also has numerous advantages.

Haptomotion uses different breathing techniques. Not every technique will be helpful for everyone. During an individual breathing session, you will receive one-on-one guidance from your breathing coach and there is room for maximum focus, attention and support.

A session lasts approximately 90 minutes. Based on your needs, we will determine what we aim to achieve during the sessions.


A treatment lasts 90 minutes and is charged at €136,-

What others say about us
“Esther’s massage helped me to relax and to feel closer to my child.”

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