You live as you breathe and you breathe as you live.

Breathe freely.

Breathing coach

A very nice addition to haptotherapy or other way of getting more in touch with your body and your feelings is breathing.

Breath coaching is receiving increasing attention in our society. Due to the hustle and stress of everyday life, people are looking for ways to relax. People want to get out of their heads and connect more with their bodies. The more we feel our body, the better we sense what we need. You literally feel your limits in your body. Your yes feeling and your no feeling.

Breathing is our most important source of energy. We can go 2 weeks without eating, 1 week without drinking, but 3 minutes without breathing. We get 80 percent of our energy from oxygen and the majority of waste products leave our body through exhalation.

You live as you breathe and you breathe as you live. Everything in life affects us. If you are shocked, hold your breath for a moment. When you are angry you blow the air out of your nose. Breathing shows and feels how you feel and how you think. If you connect and maintain a connection with your breath, you maintain a connection with life. If you breathe freely and relaxed, you live freely and relaxed.

Haptomotion uses different breathing techniques. Not every technique will be helpful for everyone. During an individual breathing session, you will receive one-on-one guidance from your breathing coach and there is room for maximum focus, attention and support.
It is comparable to a consultation with a doctor or therapist and takes about an hour and a half. Depending on the request for help, we determine the objectives of the sessions.

A breathing session consists of a coaching conversation, active breathing and the relaxation phase immediately afterwards. During the session, Esther “reads” the breathing and helps to open the breathing further. The more your breath ‘opens’ (or your body relaxes to give breathing space), the better you feel (you breathe away the tension).

How many sessions are needed varies per person. A minimum of three sessions are often desirable to really look at your breathing pattern. Together we look for a suitable way to do a lot yourself in the form of supporting exercises. You build a ‘toolbox’ to use when you need it, to relax or increase your energy level


A treatment lasts 90 minutes and costs €138,-

What others say about us

Esther’s massage helped me to relax and to feel closer to my child.


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