Systemic work teaches you to hand back whichever does not belong to you, in order to reach your inner strength and wisdom. PSYCH-K® helps you to release your negative beliefs and to look to the future in a positive manner.


In addition to haptotherapy, I can accompany you in discovering underlying family patterns. Sometimes you get stuck in life, you feel lonely or insecure, or that you don’t belong anywhere. These feelings don’t always only belong to ourselves. Sometimes these feelings have been transferred or you have copied these feelings. It is an invisible system which we are often not aware of.

Together we will start working on this, to recognise patterns and dynamics and to gain insight in them. It will become clear where you stand in relation to others. This can be in relation to your family, but also colleagues or friends. Sometimes, gaining insight in these patters can help in recognising your feelings and dealing with them.

You will learn to hand back what does not belong to you, in order to reach your inner strength and wisdom. The goal is to regain your independence, to feel empowered and to be able to take the next steps in life in a positive frame of mind.


PSYCH-K® is a unique and powerful process to reprogram your subconscious mind. You can release stress and stressful emotions in an easy manner and live your life relaxed and full of inner peace. It will help you recover quickly and effectively from intense incidents or traumas, without having to intensely relive them. Aligning the believes which cause you stress with your desires in a simple and quick manner. By changing your beliefs, you can change stressful thoughts, emotions and behaviour.

(Subconscious) Beliefs

Your beliefs are conclusions made by your subconsciousness, based on earlier experiences. Brain research shows that 95% of our beliefs are subconscious. Our thoughts, responses (habits) and how we feel all derive from our beliefs. You can easily change how you react in certain situations and how you feel by replacing your subconscious beliefs.

Subconsciousness, a permanent change

The conscious mind is only in charge for 5%. This is also the reason we often find it impossible to stick to our resolutions. It is our subconsciousness (95%) which has the biggest impact on our behaviour and our emotions. You need to focus on the core issue, your subconsciousness, if you want to make a permanent and effective change

Releasing stress and changing beliefs by connecting both halves of your brain

PSYCH-K® uses processes to release stress, emotions and traumas and to replace limiting beliefs by powerful beliefs. When you are stressed, the two halves of your brain are no longer connected. You experience a weaker muscle tension in your body. It is therefore that you can identify stress via muscle testing. Stress is also caused if your brain detects something which isn’t true, which leads to a weaker muscle tension. This is what we work with at PSYCH-K®.
I coach you to locate the stress in your brain using muscle testing. This can be stress felt in a certain situation or when locating limiting beliefs. We use PSYCH-K® processes to recreate the connection between the two halves of your brain. A stressful situation will feel less stressful and it will enable you to respond to the situation in a more neutral manner. These processes enable you to reprogram a reinforcing belief in your brain, thereby rewriting the limiting belief. By changing your beliefs, you can change how you feel, think and act.

Founder PSYCH-K®

Rob Williams is the founder of PSYCH-K®. In 1988, he received the first PSYCH-K® process of what he called the ‘PSYCH-K® thought-form’. He used these processes as a therapist and was astounded with the results his clients all of a sudden achieved. According to him, the success and effectiveness of PSYCH-K® can be attributed to the fact that we use the widened consciousness in PSYCH-K®, including the spiritual component, the higher consciousness. The safety protocol is also unique. The safety protocol automatically indicates if a client can start working with certain beliefs or if there is something else which needs to be dealt with first. As a result, the session will move quicker to the core of the issue.

Scientific approach

In the following clip, Dr. Bruce Lipton, stem-cell biologist, explains his experience with PSYCH-K®.
Bruce Lipton is the author of ‘The Biology of Belief’ (‘De Biologie van de Overtuiging’). In this book, he shares his astonishing discovery that we are not a victim of our genes, but that we are able to influence our well-being using our thoughts, emotions and beliefs. Dr. Bruce Lipton came to this conclusion after extensive research into the molecular processes which cells use to process information. This revealed that our behaviour is not determined by our genes, but that our genes are switched on and off by external factors. They are triggered by our observations, thoughts and beliefs.

When to use PSYCH-K®

You can use PSYCH-K® in the following situations:

Removing blockages

PSYCH-K® can be used in all possible events when you experience unhappiness or stress.
PSYCH-K® offers different ways to transform stress and beliefs which block what you want to recognise, and to change them into beliefs which will empower you. The goal of PSYCH-K® is to remove blockages.

Relationship problems

Are you experiencing a stressful relationship with your partner, child, parent, employer or somebody else? PSYCH-K® offers a way to work on your relationship problems in a one-sided approach (without the other party).

Inner turmoil

Inner turmoil can be a result of old stressful situations which touch currents events. By locating stress in your subconsciousness, the current situation can become neutral.
Stressful thoughts can also lead to inner turmoil. These thoughts are caused by limiting beliefs. We can locate these underlying limiting beliefs and replace them with beliefs which will help you feel inner peace.

Over-stimulation and exhaustion

Do you quickly feel tired, over-stimulated and exhausted? Together we will figure out which beliefs make you feel that way and replace them with beliefs which make you feel more energetic and able to deal with more external stimuli. PSYCH-K® can be used effectively for lifting feelings of overstimulation and fatigue.

Self-confidence in stressful situation

Do you experience a fear of groups, performance anxiety, a fear of exams or other situations when you feel very nervous or scared? We will investigate which beliefs make you feel this way, PSYCH-K® can replace these beliefs and make you feel calm and confident in these situations.

Self-esteem and self-love

Do you find it difficult to handle criticism, are you afraid to make mistakes, do you experience feelings of insecurity, do you struggle to perform under pressure, do you often feel the victim in certain situations and are you very critical towards yourself and others? You can feel more relaxed by changing your beliefs about these situations and about yourself.


Systemic Work
A treatment lasts 90 minutes and is charged at €102,-

A treatment lasts 60 minutes and is charged at €92,-

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