Feeling good starts with feeling good. In haptotherapy you learn to find a good balance between feeling, thinking and doing.

Haptotherapy and Haptonomy in Amsterdam

Feeling good starts with feeling good.

Feeling good in yourself really does start with being ‘touched’. It sounds so simple but, being in touch with your emotions is not always ‘one-two-three’. Perhaps you feel uneasy about things, perhaps you don’t know how to express your feelings, or perhaps you just don’t have the time for ‘all this nonsense’. And of course what usually follows from blocking emotions – you get tense and uptight and don’t move naturally. This perhaps makes you feel less good about yourself and there could even be physical problems attributed to it all..

As haptotherapist, I examine the underlying causes of both physical and mental/spiritual complaints. I will help you to get ‘in touch’ with yourself and all around you.

Why haptotherapy?

  • Personal growth
  • Physical complaints with a possible psychosomatic background
  • Experiencing great change (loss, trauma, a new stage in your life)
  • Identity queries (who am I, what do I want in life?)
  • Overburdening (stressed, overwrought, burned out)
  • Self-confidence problems (unsure, negative self-image)
  • Relational problems (partner, family, friends, colleagues)

Haptotherapy teaches you to feel your body, both on a physical and an emotional level. When you block your emotions, you will feel more tense in your body and in life. As a result, you can experience physical complaints or not feel good about yourself. The professional therapists at HaptoMotion make sure you will get in touch with your body again and will teach you how to feel. We look at the underlying causes of mental and physical problems. We support you in a personal manner, making sure you feel in touch with yourself and your environment again. In case of only physical problems, we recommend Mensendieck remedial therapy.

What exactly is haptotherapy

Haptotherapy concerns itself with feelings, emotions, touch. HaptoMotion offers you personal guidance in my practice to get in touch with yourself (again) and your environment. The treatment consists of a combination of conversations, touch, relaxation and attention exercises, spatial exercises and experience situations. The whole body is here fundamentally involved. Being in touch with one’s feelings is the basis for proper emotional development. Haptotherapy is more about how things are experienced personally than how they perhaps should be experienced (rationally speaking). It’s also about finding a good balance of the two extremes

When do you choose haptotherapy?

Haptotherapy will help you in different situations. Being in touch with your feelings and emotions prevents you in being tense and prevents you pushing your emotions to the side. This leads to personal growth. You can use haptotherapy when going through a major change, for example a new phase in life or when you have experienced loss or trauma. Haptotherapy also offers the right tools in case of identity issues or when feeling emotionally overwhelmed, to help you finding the right answers, and is also used when dealing with stress or a burn-out. People who are dealing with a negative self-image and insecurity or relationship problems with their partner, family, friends or at work can also greatly benefit from haptotherapy.

Haptonomical Touch Therapy

Haptotherapy in our Amsterdam and Muiden practices focusses on getting in touch with your emotions and finding the right way to carry them with you. As a result, you will feel a lot better. By being closer to yourself, setting your feelings in motion and communicate better, you will learn to handle different situations in a more balanced manner. During the therapy, you will find out who you really are. You will create freedom of movement which you will recognise immediately in your personal development and in your family life and at work. The haptonomical touch literally lets you feel how you feel within your body. You will experience how you deal with your body and space. The touch gives you insight on your approach in life, your emotional life and how you have developed yourself.


A treatment lasts 50 minutes and is charged at €92,-

Haptotherapy / Coaching for companies: 60 minutes €137,-

What others say about us

“After my sessions in haptotherapy with Esther, I am more often happy and I never rush again and that feels good.”


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