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Become aware of your own body.

Many people suffer from recurring physical complaints, such as neck, back and shoulder pain. With the Mensendieck exercise therapy in Amsterdam you can find a structural solution for the treatment of your complaints. At HaptoMotion I teach you to feel and understand how you use your body. For example, we look at the work posture but also your posture during daily activities. Many physical complaints are caused by an unfavorable way of moving or the wrong posture. Awareness of your own body and the way you move helps you feel better and make changes.

Mensendieck thearpy for physical complaints.

Mensendieck exercise therapy focusses at teaching you to use the body optimally during daily activities. You will receive practical exercises, advice and tips that you can use immediately to make improvements. The exercise therapy is suitable for a large number of physical complaints, including neck, shoulder and back complaints, RSI complaints, hernia complaints, pelvic and pelvic floor complaints and pregnancy complaints. Stress-related complaints can also be treated with exercise therapy or haptonomy in Amsterdam. You carry stress in your body. For example, stress can cause incorrect breathing and you can unconsciously tighten the muscles, causing overload and cramping. This can lead to neck pain, shoulder pain and tension headache.


Treatment exercise therapy

Under Esther’s guidance you will gain insight into the way of moving that suits you. You will learn how your body functions best through various muscle strengthening, stabilizing, mobilizing and relaxing exercises. Breathing exercises, coaching conversations and posture and movement advice are also part of the treatment. You can immediately apply all the practical advice in your daily life. By providing ergonomic advice and discussing work technique you have the tools to adopt an ergonomic posture during work. Of course you will also receive personal sports advice. The following exercise therapy ensures that you feel good about yourself and can move without complaints.


In company Ergonomic advice and improvement

As an employer you want your employees to be healthy and vital and remain healty and vital. An ergonomically designed workplace is essential for this. People spend hours a day at the computer and an incorrect screen height or incorrectly adjusted seat can cause long-lasting complaints. RSI and CANS complaints can also arise from incorrect use of the mouse. HaptoMotion can be engaged for a workplace analysis and thus provide expert ergonomic advice to organizations and companies.


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