Are you currently pregnant and do you want to go into labor with confidence? With haptonomic pregnancy support you will be well prepared for childbirth. This way you learn to make contact with your baby and we do specific exercises to reduce stress. This is good for your child’s development, but also for your own peace of mind. In addition, haptonomic pregnancy guidance promotes bonding and makes the birth go better.

During the sessions I think it is important that you make contact with your changing body and learn to listen to it. This way you will know better what you need during pregnancy and how to ask for it. Curious about how others have experienced haptonomic pregnancy guidance? Then read the reviews!

The three of us are well prepared with haptonomic pregnancy guidance

In haptonomic pregnancy guidance, the guidance of both parents is central. It is very important for the partner to be involved. Your partner is also part of the pregnancy, the birth and the entire period surrounding it. As a team you naturally want to make this go as well as possible. Creating a stable basis for good bonding between parent and child is central. This way you give your child the feeling of being able to discover life from a safe base. This way, the three of you can enjoy the pregnancy and the start of a new family situation.

My guidance is divided into six meetings. We usually start around 20 weeks, with five meetings before the birth and one after the birth with your baby present. Would you like to receive more information without obligation? Please feel free to contact me by filling out the contact form!

Topics during the six meetings

Various topics are discussed in the six meetings during haptonomic pregnancy guidance. During one of the first meetings you learn to make contact with the baby in your belly. You will also experience different positions and actions that make carrying your child easier. We then discuss how to deal with pain and stress. At one of the last meetings you will receive an explanation about the course of the pregnancy and delivery.

Your partner will also experience how he/she can assist you in dealing with the contractions. You will both experience which birthing positions feel good. Do you want to be well prepared for the birth? Register immediately for my haptonomic pregnancy guidance!


Haptonomic Pregnancy Guidance:


This treatment for both parents lasts 50 minutesand costs €92,-

What others say about us

Since my partner and I have followed pregnancy haptonomy with Esther, we have never argued again. Since then I also have a more stable relationship with myself and with my partner.


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