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What is sportmassage?

Simply put, sport massage improves the circulation, clears out the lymphatic system and helps eliminate extra fluids. It encourages muscle regeneration, which in turn helps prevent injury and the (sports) person will become active again, sooner. All sportspeople ‘collect’ this bodily waste and extra fluids in muscle tissue. Most people recognise this as muscle pain and tend to just walk it off. This is of course no problem, as long as it is done correctly. Still, the muscle is not helped in any way if this is all you do. There will always be remnants of waste and extra fluid collected in those muscles which in turn cause ‘knots’ and can eventually create infection. A thorough sport massage once every 3 or 4 weeks for the amateur sportsperson (M/F) can already drastically reduce the chances of injury. No need to stop practicing your preferred sport – and you will feel relaxed and unrestrained.

There are four ways of utilising sport massage for the best:

Immediately prior to exercise. Sport massage before a training session or competition is a stimulating massage that ensures a heightened blood circulation, giving muscles that are well prepared for the upcoming exercise;

In between two sessions of exercise, say on a rest day. This is a relaxing massage that ensures a level of relief and speeds recovery time; Directly following exercise (such as a training session, or a competition) to drain that extra fluid and waste, collected in the muscles. The massage helps to reduce muscle pain so giving less chance of injury;

A sport masseur can be important to a (re)starting sportsperson, in helping them build their condition. By agreeing a well aimed training schedule, critical points will never be exceeded.

Sport massage is not just for sportsmen/women

Of course the idea of sport massage is that it is utilised in sport, attention being paid to each body in relation to the sport being practiced. But sport massage is, just as classic massage treatment, aimed at regaining and/or maintaining a natural physical balance.

Sport massage can help:

Our sport massage is performed by David Treur only.

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