What others say about us

Last year I had a long rehabilitation (front cruciate ligament) with David. Having been on the point several times that I no longer want to, David continued to motivate me and managed to put my finger on the sore spot with the right approach. I have regained confidence in my body and can exercise and do what I want without doubts!

Delano Hilhorst

“Haptotherapy has taught me to be more in contact with my body. As a result, I’m more aware of my physical limits and when i push my boundaries. I know what to do if, for example, feel more tension in my body.

Geert Egberts

“I got rid of my back problems in a very short time with David, which I had been suffering from for years and for which I had already been treated by a physiotherapist but this had not helped.”

Marianne van Oostveen

“The friendly but compelling reasons to take yourself seriously. In addition, David listens very carefully and thinks along with the client how the goals can be achieved as efficiently and realistically as possible. “

Bart de Vries

“Since my partner and I have followed pregnancy Haptonomy at Esther, we never have a argument again. Since then I have also had a more stable relationship with myself and with my partner. “

Sophie Konijnendijk

“After my sessions in haptotherapy with Esther, I am  more often happy and I never rush again and that feels good.”

Barbara Janssen