Feeling good starts with 'feeling' good

Feeling good starts with 'feeling' good

Feeling good in yourself really does start with being ‘touched’. It sounds so simple but, being in touch with your emotions is not always ‘one-two-three’. Perhaps you feel uneasy about things, perhaps you don’t know how to express your feelings, or perhaps you just don’t have the time for ‘all this nonsense’. And of course what usually follows from blocking emotions – you get tense and uptight and don’t move naturally. This perhaps makes you feel less good about yourself and there could even be physical problems attributed to it all..

As haptotherapist, I examine the underlying causes of both physical and mental/spiritual complaints. I will help you to get ‘in touch’ with yourself and all around you.

Haptotherapy can help you in the following (and more):

What exactly is haptotherapy

Haptotherapy concerns itself with feelings, emotions, touch. Personal guidance is given in gaining ‘contact’ with yourself and your surroundings and about how to better communicate, person to person. The whole body is here fundamentally involved. Being in touch with one’s feelings is the basis for proper emotional development.

Haptotherapy is more about how things are experienced personally than how they perhaps should be experienced (rationally speaking). It’s also about finding a good balance of the two extremes

Treatment consists of (among other things):

Getting in touch with your emotions and finding a way to cope with them could be just what you need to feel better about yourself. By setting your feelings in motion, by being yourself more and communicating better with your nearest and dearest, you learn how to cope in a more balanced way in all sorts of situations.

It’s all about discovering the real you. Together, we will find your balance and allow you to finally feel fundamentally safe and confident. You will immediately experience a freedom of motion in your working life, your family life and your personal development.

Haptonomical Touch Therapy

I use haptonomical touch, to let you (literally) feel yourself in your own body. I will help you experience how you should move your body in its allotted space. You will gain information about your emotional life, insight into how you are coping and about how you have developed over the years.

How do you react in particular situations? How hard is it to say ‘no’? Are you open to your surroundings or do you shut yourself in? What feels close, what feels far away? Are you a ‘yes’ man, or ‘no’?

Haptonomical touch allows me to support you and confirm your feelings. I will also be able guide you towards feeling your own resilience, power and presence.

Haptonomical antenatal care

Approach your due date with confidence, together.
Guidance of both (expectant) parents is a central part of the therapy. Stress is reduced through exercise, which can improve the baby’s development and ease the birth.

This antenatal care can help the mother become more in contact with her changed (changing) body and to listen to it more. This is how she learns to know better just what she needs during pregnancy and birth and knows how to ask for it. The partner feeling involved is also important. As partner, you are part of this pregnancy, the birth (that, as a good team you allow to pass as naturally as possible) and the immediately following period.

Subject matter for the 6 meetings with both parents:

Haptonomic Antenatal Care starts around the 20th week of pregnancy. There are 5 appointments before the birth and 1 after, which will include your baby.

For which course would you like to apply?

For which course would you like to apply?

One of our satisfied cliënts:

"Haptotherapy taught me to find my inner strength and helped me reach and stay tuned to ‘the real me"

Sabina Graafmans

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