Mensendieck Therapy

Learn to feel and understand how your body moves

Get rid of that complaint – exercise!

Being conscious of your posture and how you move is not as obvious as you’d think. Many bodily complaints originate from an incorrect stance or moving in a manner that is actually detrimental to your health. Learning to be more in touch with your feelings and understanding how your body moves will help you heal yourself. I will teach you, with Mensendieck therapy, how you can affect improvements and essentially remove any complaint you may have. You will receive practical tips, advice and exercises that can be applied to your daily life – at work, at play and everything in between.

HaptoMotion can help with the following:

What is Mensendieck Therapy

When practicing Mensendieck, you will be given exercises to help stop your physical problems – or at least reduce them. You will become more ‘body-conscious’, more aware of the stresses in your body, your stance and movements. Mensendieck therapy can also give insight into to how both your physical and mental environment can influence your body.

I will teach you ways to cope with physical problems that are arising or prevent problems arising in the future.

Treatment consists of, among other things:

Mensendieck will teach you how to recognise how your body functions at its best and which manner of moving suits you best. This will help you carry out your day to day tasks without pain and you will feel better by far.

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        For which course would you like to apply?

        One of our satisfied cliënts:

        "Thanks to taking Mensendieck therapy from Haptomotion, I can still do my chair based job without pain from that slipped disc in my neck."


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