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Haptonomical antenatal care

Approach your due date with confidence, together.

Guidance of both (expectant) parents is a central part of the therapy. Stress is reduced through exercise, which can improve the baby’s development and ease the birth.This antenatal care can help the mother become more in contact with her changed (changing) body and to listen to it more. This is how she learns to know better just what she needs during pregnancy and birth and knows how to ask for it. The partner feeling involved is also important. As partner, you are part of this pregnancy, the birth (that, as a good team you allow to pass as naturally as possible) and the immediately following period.

Subject matter for the 6 meetings with both parents:

Haptonomic Antenatal Care starts around the 20th week of pregnancy. There are 5 appointments before the birth and 1 after, which will include your baby.

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